The next step towards your acceptance in the program of your dreams is truly SHINING in your interview. At MTE, we will help you match with your chosen program by providing guidance and mock interviews.

Our program is successful because it provides: an individualized approach, realistic mock interviews, and evaluation:

Individualized approach — We will help you to identify both your strengths and weaknesses and show you how you can use these to maximize your experience to meet the needs of the program of your choice.

Realistic mock interviews — We will interview you asking the most commonly asked questions on the residency interviews. You will set yourself apart from the rest if you spend time with us practicing your responses. Allow us to help you do well on the day by providing you with excellent preparation. In our risk-free environment, you will be able to try out your responses and receive honest feedback.

Evaluation — The feedback you will receive from our panel members will identify which areas you need to work on. This will shape the way you respond to questions and leave a strong impression after your interview. Rather than following a canned approach to your preparation, we will learn about your experience and personality and then tailor this to meet the expectations of the program you are interviewing at. 


1 Hour Package (1 x 1 hr session): $149
3 Hours Package (2 x 1.5 hours  session) : $349

Group sessions; up to 3 students:  $299 per hour.

Interview Prep & Mock Interviews