Your personal statement is one of the best chances you have to show the admissions committee how unique you are. Do not underestimate its importance, as a well-written document will make you stand out from the competition. 

After you have put a great deal of thought into your personal statement and written a few drafts, send it to us for a final look. 

You will definitely benefit from receiving our feedback on how to make yourself heard in the clearest language possible.

  • Personal Statements are edited by Dr. Simon Downes who is a professor of English and medical editor. Dr. Downes has personally edited, reviewed and assisted with hundreds of medical publications.
  •  Our fee includes editing and reviewing one personal statement plus one re-edit*. Additional re-edits are possible for an extra charge of $75.
  • The Fee for the personal statement is for only one version. If you need variations of your personal statement, tailored for different programs you are applying to, each variation is an additional $99.

CV Editing Fees

  • CV editing service (3-5 days) with 1 revision: $199 (Limit 3 pages per submitted CV. Please add $25 for each extra page)

PS Editing Fees

  • PS regular service (3-5 days) with one re-edit: $219 (Limit 750 words)
  • Expedited service (1-3 days) with one re-edit: $249 (Limit 750 words)
  • Urgent service (24 hours) with one re-edit:  $299 (Limit 750 words)
  • Write a personal statement from scratch; questionnaire included so your personal statement is very personalized to you: $499**  (Limit 750 words)
Personal Statement Editing 


* re-edit: a change to the same content per client’s feedback

** This service takes 4-8 business days