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This set includes 14 days of pre-recorded NAC OSCE lectures. After you subscribe, you will receive access to our Member's Area so you can watch 100+ HD pre-recorded classes along with sample cases and interviews! 

Furthermore, you will receive the complete set of our notes that will cover all possible stations and commonly tested NAC OSCE  cases.

 nac-osce prep course 

Our one on one tutoring brings to you our best lecturers to teach you all what you need to excel on the exam! Using our state of the art technology, you can now enjoy learning from anywhere in the world! Whether you are in Canada, USA,  Australia, Ireland, UK, Pakistan,  Nigeria or the Middle East,  now you too can be a part of Medical Training Express!




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Meet Dr. Mohamad Saleh

Dr. Mohamad Saleh is the teacher you wish you had in medical school and residency. As a former IMG reprsentitive at the British Columbia ministry of health, IMG chief resident at the University of British Columbia, member of the UBC resident selection committee, former Harvard Medical School OCSE instructor and current Professor of Medicine at Western University, and author of the best-selling NAC OSCE and MCCQE courses series, he and his team have decades of experience preparing students, residents, and physicians just like you for the Canadian medical licensing exams. Find hope and rediscover your love of medicine with Dr. Saleh and Medical Training EXPRESS.

Live Online NAC OSCE Classroom Anywhere! 

This 2 weeks  Live online course provides flexible and convenient prep to help IMGs and CSA s rock the boards! No more worrying about transportation or conflicting schedules. We will reserve for you a  front-row seat in the classroom. All what you need to know to score high on your NAC OSCE! Register now $1299 CAD. mccqe2 prep course 

Live Online One on One 
Live Online MCCQE1 
Classroom Anywhere!

Why Choose Medical Training EXPRESS?  

This set includes access to all the pre-recorded MCCQE part 1 lectures. After you subscribe, you will receive access to our Member's Area so you can watch 100+ HD pre-recorded classes along with sample practice CDM classes! The lectures will cover everything that you should know to ace the exam!

nac-osce prep course 

Interview Prep & Mock Interviews!

Experience online live interactive session anywhere you are! Our qualified instructors will make sure you get in an online live lecture setting the most up-to-date information about the MCCQE1 tested information and will help you get competitive scores. Our live online classroom anywhere MCCQE1 course runs over a period of 16 days, 4 hours a day. (Total 64 hours) Register now $1499 CAD.mccqe2 prep course 

The next step towards your acceptance in the program of your dreams is truly SHINING in your interview. At MTE, we will help you match with your chosen program by providing guidance and mock interviews.
Our program is successful because it provides an individualized approach, realistic mock interviews, and evaluation.




Pre-recorded NAC OSCE Course Subscriptions